CCE – Leitmotiv

We have been collecting and restoring high quality vehicles, especially Porsche of all types as well as further luxury and sports vehicles such as Mercedes and Ferrari for over 20 years.

Our technical experts have accumulated 50 years of experience in the field of the car construction. Our technicians are qualified car mechanics who have gathered many years of experience. If you buy an object from CEE, you will obtain a premium car which will have passed through numerous tests, inspections and detailed testing processes.

Furthermore, all vehicles will get a complete cosmetic treatment with high quality products as well as a technical service in our workshop and also a service in a car manufacturer’s specialist workshop. This procedure assures the highest and perfect technical care and check for the vehicle. All information concerning our vehicles such as the motor, the body, the chassis, the electrics, the wheels, the tyres, interior fittings and the functions will be assigned in a detailed inspection record. Finally our technicians will proceed to an extensive test drive.



- Highest quality  is our daily aspiration-